May 2020
US Server:
Game update on Aug 11 @ 03:00, 2017 Time: 2017-08-10 21:38

Dear players,

We will be performing an game update on Aug 11 @ 03:00 am. Estimated downtime: 2 hours

During maintenance, you will not be able to login the game and your loading page will be stuck at 4%. 


Patch Notes:

1. We have added new systems which you had been asking for many times. Banner, Book, Shield and Soul systems are there!
2. First 2 levels of Maid Breakthrough have been added. Now your Maids can complete PvE levels and get their personal gear! We will also continue to add more functions to Maid system in future.
3. War Soul Stamps are available! (Level 82 required)
4. Mount Miracles are available! (Level 85 required)
5. Egg Smash event is starting and will last for two weeks. Light Elf stones are available there.
6. Fabulous Merchant has got his stock renewed with a new stylish Egyptian Armor (this time you can find it at the end of Merchants stock list).
7. Wings Stamp ranking event is starting and will last for two weeks. Based on your Wings Stamp levels, you are able to claim special rewards.
8. Source Rewards event is starting and will last for two weeks. Based on your daily in-game activeness, you could claim rewards once you reach 140 points daily. Once your total activity reaches 720 points, you would be able to claim extra reward, including exclusive Stalker Wings style.
9. Charm Ranking event is starting on 12.08 and would last until 15.08 (including). 
10. Love system maximal level has been increased (level 31 cap been set before)
11. There also would be Recharge Ranking event, which is a daily recharge event, players who bought most diamonds on that day would get great rewards. Including unique headwear style - “Amur crown”. 


We also strongly recommend to clear your cache once update is completed. We will also purge cached CDN resources, so loading within first few hours might be slower than usual. 
See you in game!